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Michail Bragin

Canberra, ACT


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I am a professional German language coach with the diploma of the Moscow State University. To make your study of German straightforward, I was assiduously working with students from various European countries at the levels from A1 till C1, carefully analyzing needs, sorrows and strengths of my students. Now I can offer you several outstanding Skype courses of high quality which will overhaul your approaches to learning German. To achieve B1 starting from zero within 6 months is real. To pass the TestDaF exam with TDN4 and TDN5 is real. To become a better conversation partner having B1 within 3 months is real.

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All my courses cost 480 euros per month (for 16 hours x 45 minutes). I give lessons once per week. 1 lesson lasts 180 minutes. Usually, my students pay using PayPal. I will send all materials to you via email. During the week I will provide you with email support answering all your questions about German online. I will totally adjust myself to your time wishes. You can book a sample lesson. If you have more questions and you want to ask them to me directly, please appoint a charge-free Skype meeting with me.

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Canberra, ACT



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